Quality Coaching Is Affordable

Receive the highest quality coaching available from an experienced Ministry Advantage Coach!

Ministry Advantage has been providing coaching for lead pastors, executive pastors, and associate pastors worldwide for over 12 years.

Our coaches are proven, successful, and current practitioners.

Our coaches are trained using our coaching approach of weekly phone/Skype coaching, robust internet accessible resources, and periodic workshops, webinars, and conference calls.


• One-on-One coaching (your coach initiates each call)

• Adaptable user-friendly internet basd resources (Using our “7 Practices of Effective Churches” Modules)

• Strategy & skills development workshops (workshop includes two-day training event free, materials, and lunch with nationally known practitioners)

• Periodic webinars & conference calls to facilitate learning, netowrking, and benchmarking with like minded pastors.

No contract or term of coaching commitment required.


Weekly Coaching Option:  $425 per month

(all benefits listed above are included in the cost)


Bi-Weekly (every other week): $295 per month

(all benefits except workshop/webinar fees are included in cost)


One-Time enrollment fee of $300 pays for:

• Online Personality Strengths Assessment

• After we receive your enrollment form and payment  we will use our internal 22 point matching process to match you with one of our 60 coaches in the USA, Canada, and Australia

• Lifetime access to our online “7 Practices” Modules & Online Video Training Site and updates


SPECIAL PRICING for LICENSING and CERTIFICATION programs available for Denominations, Associations, Church Networks, and Independent Coaches.


Call: 800-314-9883

Email: Coaching@ministryadvantage.org

This is easily worth double what we spent for what we have received. Just seeing people excited about what we are doing is worth more than any amount of money. Right now I am living a pastor’s dream!

Pastor Rick Hines
Manitowoc, WI

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