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Len Schlesinger: Action Trumps Everything

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1. Bill Hybels: 5 Critical Questions
2. Len Schlesinger: Action Trumps Everthing
3. Cory Booker: Stand Up
4. Rev. Brenda Salter McNeil: Courageous Leadership for Catalytic Times
5. Seth Godin: Poke the Box
6. Steven Furtick: Audacious Faith
7. Wess Stafford, Mama Maggie Gobran, Bill Hybels: Tough Callings
8. Michelle Rhee: Students First
9. Henry Cloud: The Evil, The Foolish, The Wise
10. John Dickson: Humilitas
11. Patrick Lencioni: The Power of Vulnerability
12. Erwin McManus: Chasing Daylight


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