Do You Have A Step-By-Step Blueprint To Grow
Leadership And Your Staff’s Leadership?   

As a pastor for 24 years, I know the demands that
a leader has on his or her life and time.   

There was a time when I felt like I was struggling in
a sea of details and I wanted to give up.   

I started looking at churches that were effective in
their communities and asking their pastors and staff
members if they could answer the questions I was
dealing with.   

See if you can identify with any of these:  

              *You feel like the church is running you  
                 instead of you running the church

              *You need more leaders but don’t have
                 the time to train them

              *You keep losing quality leaders

              *Your church as a lot of potential
                 but you’re not sure how to help reach
                 it most effectively

              *You’re wearing too many ministry hats

              *You spend too much time putting out fires
                 and not enough time strategically leading

Maybe you are different from me and you don’t need
any help in your leadership or training your staff to
be effective.    

But I think I’m wrong.   

You do know you need help with maximizing your

You feel the demands of training your leaders week
after week.    


Imagine having a step-by-step guide that you can
follow and grow in your leadership, having a system
in place to send your leaders to so they can grow in
their leadership at their own pace!
After working with over a thousand churches we have
found the best 7 Practices of Effective Churches.   

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Russ Olmon