About Ed Wilgus, Certified Coach

With a passion for growing followers of Christ, Ed Wilgus has been a catalytic leader over the past 20 years in bringing positive change to churches. Gaining valuable experience through business and ministry, Ed has team-building skills to effectively empower others to excel in ministry.

Ed presently serves as the lead pastor at Family Church in Sutherlin Oregon where he leads a team of pastors and leaders.  Sutherlin is a rural community in western Oregon of 7800 and is a 15 minute drive north from Roseburg, a city of 22,000.

   Ed hired a Ministry Advantage coach in 2007 to help with a strategic plan with a goal of growing Family Church both spiritually and numerically. As a result, Family Church doubled in weekend attendance and opened a new campus in the 5 years that followed the strategic planning process.  Family Church raised over 1 million dollars in capital campaigns over and above the annual budget in spite of the difficult financial economy.  Those funds were needed to enlarge property, ministry space, and parking for the growing congregation.  Some families were driving 30 minutes to attend services so a new campus also opened in Roseburg making it possible for people to attend Family Church closer to home.  

   During the same 5 year period, Family Church grew spiritually as well.  According to the REVEAL Survey, developed by Willow Creek Community Church, leaders were able to assess how the church is doing at helping people grow spiritually.  In 2011 Family Church participated in our second REVEAL Survey.  Compared to over 1500 churches who took the survey, Family Church landed in the top 2% in its effectiveness in moving congregants forward in their spiritual journey. 

   In 2008, Ed joined the Ministry Advantage coach team and has coached pastors all over the US including Atlanta, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, and Oregon.   Helping churches formulate and solidify their mission, vision, and values under Ed’s coaching helped pastors to turn their vision into reality.  Ed is a practitioner, leading a church forward in growth and assisting other pastors who have the same desire.


First, you will have an experienced Pastor-Coach as your Personal Coach.  All 30 of our Pastor-Coaches were coached and trained by one of our Ministry Advantage coaches and then recruited based on a rigorous set of standards and competencies. Most all of our coaches are still pastoring a successful church. Our coaching pool includes pastor-coaches experienced in leading churches of all sizes, backgrounds, and stages of development from church plants to mega churches over 10,000 in attendance.



A knowledgeable, ministry-experienced coach will personally coach during weekly telephone/Skype coaching sessions.  Your Personal Coach will take an active role in helping you develop and implement specific ministry processes tailored for your church. 

During these regular coaching calls your coach will guide and encourage you to achieve your plans one step at a time.  Your coach will also help keep you on track as you implement your plans and insure that you learn and apply each ministry strategy effectively before moving to the next step. The following is a check-list of what you can expect during this experience:

  • Pastors experience weekly telephone coaching calls (45-60 minutes) with a qualified pr­­­oven coach.
  • Coaching sessions are designed to be highly interactive.
  • Coaches utilize the MA Resource Modules to create specific and desired outcomes for each church.
  • Each coaching session ends with an agreed upon assignment of the next step (Task) in the process that the pastor will be learning and implementing in his church.
  • Pastors and coaches have the ability to communicate progress, questions, feedback, and solutions between sessions via the Internet.



Your coach will guide you in learning and implementing our unique 7Practices of Effective Churches with your staff, volunteer leaders, and your churchOur systems approach to coaching and church development contains practical training and specific steps to help you design and implement the breakthrough processes your church needs next.



  • Modular in design which makes it easy to “cherry pick” needed systems
  • Internet accessible modules
  • Coaching Videos
  • Library of “best practices”
  • Written content is bite-sized to enhance quick learning
  • Specific Tasks and Templates for easy application of each practice/skill
  • Transferable methods and systems
  • Resources for staff & volunteer development



See “7 Practices” in the side bar on this page. You can click on each title, for example, “Strategic Planning & Implementation” and read an overview of the coaching objectives in that module.


And finally, you will have the opportunity to participate in advanced Workshops and Seminars. 

Topics include:

  • Advanced Training 
  • Interactive Team Building/Development
  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • Networking. 

Other available Worshops and Resources: 

  • Building Powerful Ministry Teams
  • Personal DISCernment Inventory
  • Mastering the Art of Communication
  • High Performance Meetings
  • Managing Conflict
  • Leading From Your Strengths
  • Marriage Insights
  • Different by Design Marriage Conference
  • Developing & Managing People
  • Capital Campaigns


These practical application environments will help you refine and strengthen your skills and execute your strategies.


  • Bi-annual Workshop opportunities
  • Cutting-edge Webinars with nationally known church leaders
  • Interactive conference calls
  • Interactive online learning experiences with your coach using our Online Training Center
  • Question & Answer formats
  • Networking & Benchmarking opportunities with other pastors/churches
  • Developing valuable relationships with likeminded pastors

    Ministry Advantage Coaching provides a proven experience combining three powerful components that together help pastors develop an advanced skill set. This application oriented coaching is vital to a pastor who desires to take his leadership skills and his Church to the next level of effectiveness.                                   

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